April was Month of the Military Child!

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April is Month of the Military Child - celebrate with a military discount of 15% OFF year round!

Did you know that every year, April is named the "Month of the Military Child?" It's a month in which we celebrate the resiliency of Military children.

As a country the focus is often placed on servicemen and women, and their spouses, but as a nation, we also should acknowledge the daily sacrifices that our Military babies, children and teens make.

Since they are born into an often unpredictable and nomadic lifestyle, Military children have to get accustomed to switching schools, leaving friends behind, and even facing the reality of living in a single-parent home while one parent is deployed or training. This is something that becomes their "normal," and it comes with plenty of adjustments. 

Everyday things such as birthdays, school events, and milestones are missed throughout the years, and is viewed as across the Military culture, but that doesn't mean that it's easy. Early on they have to grow to understand the importance of optimism and flexibility

And these kiddos have courage too! They've got the courage to adapt with every new move, and they know all to well what it's like to say goodbye to a deploying parent, over and over again.

Some Military babies are born without having daddy in the room, often meeting them for the first-time over a video-chat, or during a homecoming ceremony. Their emotional strength is tested early on as their resiliency develops.

For instance, my daughter Evelyn began her journey in my belly at Fort Benning, GA. She then made her debut at Fort Carson in Colorado Springs, CO, and spent the last of her baby/toddler years back here at Fort Benning. Come June, she’ll move to Newport, RI, and will begin Kindergarten in another place (which is still TBD) after our short time there.

For Evelyn, that means 4 moves in her short 5 years, which is a lot for our sensitive little introvert. She’s also already spent 9 months away from her dad during his deployment to Afghanistan 3 months after she was born. She was too young then to understand the feeling of his absence, but we know there’s more deployments on the horizon.

April is month of the military child - celebrate with a military discount of 15% OFF year round

This photo was taken the day my husband deployed.
Evelyn was 3m old, and almost a year when he returned.

My husband's been serving as an Infantry Officer in the Army for the last 10 years, and neither of us come from career-Military families. Our roots sink down into Florida ground, and both of our parents still live in the houses we grew up in. There's a part of me that feels sentimentally sad that our children won't have that same, deeply established childhood experience like we did.

But something they do have, that we didn't, is such adventure so early on!

It’s also going to be interesting as my two babies grow, to see how we will handle struggles that we know will come with this lifestyle. It’s definitely new territory for us in addition to the usual stresses that come with parenting. From what I can tell, it's a good thing my littles have each other because they’re sure to endure much more up ahead!

Many of our seamstresses are Military mamas, and one who has been with us the longest started sewing for us stationed at Fort Lewis, WA. She eventually relocated to Fort Benning, GA, and is now currently living at Fort Campbell in KY, all while working for us and with babies/toddlers in tow! 
April is month of the Military Child - celebrate with Bear & Bunny Co.

It's part of our mission as a company to not only provide flexible mobile income for any mama who wishes to stay at home and raise their children, but to offer the same opportunity for those Military mamas who still want to support their families in their constantly changing way of life.
 Strong resilient mamas, make for strong resilient children!

So here’s to all the “Military Brats” out there, and to the parents who raise them!


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